McMartinez Wants to Slash McDrug Court Money

February 03, 2015

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The rumor is spreading, but I don’t believe a word of it.   The McGovernor’s trusted McAdvisor, Jay McCleskey runs the McMartinez Administration from an opulent underground chamber ‘neath the McRound McHouse. Perhaps Jay hisself is responsible for the latest McIdea to come from McSusana: Let’s slash funding for New McMexico’s Drug Courts!

We can save beaucoup McBucks.  And we can help at least a hundred deadbeat human garbage addicts back into the criminal justice system where they belong.  And the New McMexicans that fall victim to the addict perps? They will be scared right into supporting our wonderful tough conservative anti-crime initiative.

This is more fun than telling Mayor McBerry what he should do with McAPD. More fun than putting the squeeze on the Mc DA.

It doesn’t really matter that our brilliant McInitiative will cost us lots more because throwing an addict in prison is just about as expensive as sending a kid to Harvard.

So let’s just send these addict perps to Ivy League Schools instead, and let Harvard, Yale, and Princeton sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Makes McSense to me.

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James Burbank

James Burbank has written and published over 200 articles for regional and national publications such as Reuters International News Service, The World & I Magazine, National Catholic Reporter, Farmer’s Almanac, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, La Opinion, New Mexico Magazine, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque Tribune. He is author of Retirement New Mexico, the best selling book published by New Mexico Magazine Press, now in its third edition. He is also author of Vanishing Lobo: the Mexican Wolf in the Southwest, published by Johnson Books.

As a professional writing consultant, he has written and edited publications, video and radio scripts, annual reports, and investment information for a wide variety of corporate clients. A Lecturer II for the Department of English, Burbank has specialized in teaching technical writing and professional writing. His interests extend from composition and writing theory to environmental and nature writing. He has played a leadership role in developing and implementing the English Department’s teaching mentorship program.

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