Weekly Poem: my mother

June 05, 2014

Voices, Art / Culture, Poetry

my mother once told me
through the smoky air of our living room
after a long drag and a long drink
“the women in our family have been
known to bring out the worst in men”
“but there was never one of them
that didn’t regret we were gone”
she leaned back and looked at me
took a drag
sort of winked
“I think it’s the brown eyes”


(Image derived from photo by thiloleibelt)

This piece was written by:

Katrina K Guarascio's photo

Katrina K Guarascio

Katrina K Guarascio is a writer and teacher living in Albuquerque, NM. As an active member of the poetry community, she has worked as an editor for various literary magazines and small presses, along with hosting poetry workshops and producing various poetry performances, including The Second Saturday Slam, Rio Rancho’s only monthly Poetry Slam and Open Mic.

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