Weekly Poem: Georgia at ‘The Black Place’

May 15, 2014

Voices, Art / Culture, Poetry

I sit
between black lava and ash

dust-brushed and shaken
amid suggestion of bone

in the curve of the place without sky

rose-lipped clouds beneath

first grinding of pigment and palette:

broken pastel
a thousand forms of time

All we have is yesterday
before we get there.

This piece was written by:

Lauren Camp's photo

Lauren Camp

Lauren Camp's newest book of poems is called The Dailiness (Edwin E. Smith Publishing) and she's the author of This Business of Wisdom (West End Press). She writes the poetry blogs Which Silk Shirt and Notes to Cecil. On Sunday evenings, she hosts “Audio Saucepan,” a global music/poetry program on KSFR 101.1FM Santa Fe Public Radio.

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