Video shows UNM professor did not assault officer

UNM professor David Correia has been an outspoken critic of APD in light of the police department’s ongoing spree of controversial shootings and damning Department of Justice report which found gross violations of civil rights and a culture where accountability is nearly non-existent.  Correia has stood in solidarity with the family members who have lost loved ones at the hands of APD.  He has appeared on New Mexico Mercury’s “Insight New Mexico” and we found him to be courteous, informed and passionate. 

Last Monday Mr. Correia, with other activists and family members of APD victims, held the mildest of non-violent, civil disobedience actions - a sit-in.  Yet because our local media is so subservient to power, and APD only knows how to escalate a situation when their ranks are befuddled, the group has been targeted as violent rabble-rousers by the local sycophant class.  Mr. Correia was charged with battery on a “peace” officer by APD and the local media is doing their best to channel a John Stossel-Geraldo Rivera hybrid with hit pieces like this and this.  The video below shows the incident in question, and if anyone was assaulted, it was Mr. Correia. 

Questions that the local media should be asking is whether the plain-clothes detectives that seem to be man-handling Correia identified themselves as officers? Has it been verified that the Mayor was indeed in New York as his staff stated?  Why are the police so prone to send bullet-proof vested officers to confront a group armed with nothing more than tape? If the police hadn’t overreacted, did the City Council meeting really need to be cancelled? And the one, glaring, over-arching question is why hasn’t the Mayor met with the families of the victims?

While APD, Berry, Shultz and Eden do the “where’s-the-lapel-camera” shuffle, the people's recording devices seem to work fine when documenting trumped up charges. 

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