Heavily Redacted Audit Continues Lack of Due-Process

October 23, 2013

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In a feeble attempt to placate the public’s demand to know the details behind the Martinez Administration’s undisclosed accusations of fraud against as many as 15 New Mexico behavioral heath providers, the Attorney General’s office release of a heavily redacted audit only muddies and delays the issue further.

And one of the few things we were actually able to glean from the audit was that auditors from Massachusetts-based Public Consulting Group Inc. (PCG) wrote that “PCG’s Case File Audit did not uncover what it would consider to be credible allegations of fraud, nor any significant concerns related to consumer safety.”

The governor and the state Human Services Department (HSD) have wreaked havoc on the vital services depended on by the most vulnerable New Mexicans who need it the most.  They claimed from the beginning that there was widespread fraud and we still haven’t learned much beyond their cherry-picked details that have been leaked to the press. And we also know that the administration visited at least one Arizona company that took over the mental health services program before the audit was even completed.

This whole fiasco is rotten to the core and it’s only going to get worse unless somebody starts telling us something specific. Too many lives have been upended and the Martinez administration continues to get a pass for its blatant disregard of due-process and its obvious patronage to an out-of-state company.

The HSD’s action to freeze funds to the 15 nonprofit health providers without providing specific details is about as unjust as a government can get.

One media outlet previously reported that the administration is acting on a ‘trust us’ basis for not releasing any information, but their actions are about as untrustworthy as it gets. They promised that there wouldn’t be any interruption of services and right from the start there were interruptions. They have provided no concrete justifications for their actions and they seem to be perturbed when asked for the truth.

New Mexicans deserve better than this obvious smokescreen.

This piece was written by:

Sen. Linda Lopez's photo

Sen. Linda Lopez

Linda M. Lopez is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

She was elected to the New Mexico State Senate in 1996 and is currently in her fifth term. She has served as the Democratic Senate Caucus Chair and currently serves as the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee and as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. During the interim, Linda serves on several committees and has recently served as Chair of the Welfare Reform Oversight Committee, the Election Reform Task Force, Co-Chair of the Legislative Ethics Committee and Co-Chair of the 2011 Redistricting Committee. Linda has also served at Chair of the Bernalillo County Democratic Party from 2002-2005.

Ms. Lopez has served on several local non-profit boards: First Choice Community Healthcare Foundation Board (current Chair), New Mexico First and Shared Vision, Inc., Rape Crisis Center of Central NM, and CNM Foundation Board.

Ms. Lopez owns a small business specializing in organizational development working with local non-profits, Sandia National Laboratories, and Oregon State University. She has been recognized in the International Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs 2001-2002 and in The Almanac of Latino Politics 2000.

Her two degrees consist of a B.A. in Business Management and an M.B.A. in Human Resource Development, both degrees from the College of Santa Fe.

Ms. Lopez is a candidate seeking the nomination for Governor in the Democratic Party of NM.

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