¡COLORES! February 6, 2015

February 08, 2015

Art / Culture, KNME's ¡COLORES!

Santa Fe painter Dennis Larkins uses iconic imagery from the 50's and 60's to engage his audience. African American painter Joseph Watson observes his community and paints what he sees. Bonhams Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, attracts bikers, collectors, and historians. And Jessica Fellows, the author of The Chronicles of Downton Abbey, talks about Cora's leading role as "The American."

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KNME's ¡Colores!

¡COLORES! is dedicated to the creative spirit in New Mexico. Produced by New Mexico PBS/KNME, it is broadcast Friday nights at 9pm on channel 5.1 and can be found at www.newmexicopbbs.org.

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