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Joan McIver Gibson is a philosopher and consultant in applied ethics, bioethics, and values-based decision-making. She has over 30 years of teaching, training, consulting, and administrative work in a variety of settings: universities, business, state and federal government, health care, community, and research organizations.

Joan has written several books and articles and recently published PAUSE: How to Turn Tough Choices into Strong Decisions in May, 2013.

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What’s Death Got to Do with It?

16. April 2015

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By Joan Gibson

April 16, 2015 is National Health Care Decisions Day. It is a day when we are invited to take stock of our health status, ponder what matters to us medically, and discuss this with those who need to know.

On its website this grass roots initiative describes the problem it aims to solve:

“Despite recent gains in public awareness of the need for advance care planning, studies indicate that most Americans have not exercised their right to make decisions about their healthcare in the event that they cannot speak for themselves.”...

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