New Mexico Mercury publishes journalism, poetry, op-eds, essays, fiction, video and audio formats, and more. Submissions should come from current or former New Mexicans yet content is not restricted to New Mexico issues. 

Works submitted to New Mexico Mercury cannot interfere with any other entity’s publishing rights and submission assumes that the author has cleared all rights for work.  We reserve the right to use your submission in a variety of publishing formats – print and digital, including social media .  Writers are expected to work with the editors on light revisions if need be. 

At this time, all submissions are uncompensated. When we have enough revenue coming in we will post a writer's rate sheet on this page.

The Feature section is the heart of New Mexico Mercury, with long-form nonfiction pieces.  Feature pieces average 1,000- 3,000 words or more.  Preference is given to features characterized by a unique view of social, environmental, or political issues, or those that deeply explore important historical and cultural themes.  Features should be submitted to: "submissions at newmexicomercury dot com" with a subject line reading “Feature submission.”  Please include a short bio and author photo.

The voices section features op-eds, letters to the editor, and short nonfiction pieces.  Average length is 500-1,000 words.  Voices submissions should be submitted to "submissions at newmexicomercury dot com" with a subject line reading “Voices submission.” Please include a short bio and author photo.

Poetry submissions for the Mercury’s Weekly Poem can be sent to "poetry at newmexicomercury dot com".  Poems must be submitted in an attached document to preserve line placement (Word Document preferred).  Please include a short bio and author photo. 

New Mexico Mercury is proud to feature short fiction pieces between 500 and 3,000 words. We specifically seek fiction stories that offer online readers engagement with clear narrative arc and original characters. Please email your submission to: "submissions at newmexicomercury dot com". Please include a short bio and author photo.

Photography & Art
New Mexico Mercury features images as independent works and in complementary use with written content. Images may be submitted by email to "submissions at newmexicomercury dot com" with a subject heading reading, “Photography Submission” or can be added to our Flickr Pool:

We accept short films, documentary or narrative, and prefer that they be already hosted on Youtube or Vimeo.  Short films should be under 10 minutes or we can serialize longer pieces. Send video link to "submissions at newmexicomercury dot com"with a subject line of “Video.” If the video is not currently hosted online, please state in your submission email a request for us to upload and host the video.